Today's Evil Beet Gossip

Ross Matthews is engaged!

I honestly just adore Ross Matthews. I was so glad to hear Drew Barrymore scooped him up as a sometimes correspondent for her talk show.  They seem right for one another. But oh, I digress…

Ross announced this morning on Twitter that he and his little known boyfriend “Dr Garcia” are engaged.

Matthew says he accepted Garcia’s proposal saying he’s the kindest man he’s ever met.  And although he doesn’t elaborate about how the pair met or how long they’ve been together, his happiness is apparent and more than enough to sustain us.  For now. :)

“Fiancé, you stay! I am so proud to announce that after over a year together – navigating a pandemic, quarantine and opposite coasts – the smartest, funniest and kindest man I’ve ever met said, ‘Yes!’” Mathews tweeted with photo of him and García wearing matching rings.

“Dr. García, I love you. A lifetime of adventure awaits.”