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Tom Brady’s Rookie Card Sold At Auction For $555,988

Like most of you, I have a severe love hate relationship with Mr Tom Brady.  His abilities on the field have been proven over and over and over again.

So no wonder a card from his first time on a pro grid would fetch serious money.

The bidding for the 2000 Playoff Contenders card, which featured Brady in his rookie season with the New England Patriots, ended on eBay Monday with a final bid of $555,988.

The card, listed by PWCC Marketplace, was rated by PSA Authentication and Grading Services as “Gem Mint,” a designation that means the card has been kept in “virtually perfect” condition.

PWCC Marketplace’s description said the card is “what we personally believe to be the single most important modern football card ever produced.”

“The fragile gold foil ticket truly excites as it possesses no visual scuffs, scratches, or imperfections. All four corners are uniformly untouched with the fragile periphery being entirely clean; rare as this card is typically plagued by edge chipping.

“Furthermore, one of the most difficult aspects of this card, the autograph is seemingly pristine and brilliantly penned in black ink,” the description read.

Observers said the card is likely to increase in value, especially if Brady, now quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, earns a seventh Super Bowl ring Feb. 7.