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Post break-up, Ben Affleck those out cut out of Ana

I mean what the hell do you title a story like this?  Ben Affleck and Ana de Amas broke up and yesterday as the news flooded the internet Ben decided since the cats out of the bag, he’ll clean a little house.

Here we see some men helping remove some trash, including a lifesize cut out of his ex for whatever reason.


It turns out the cut out has been around for a while now. Here’s a photo of Ben’s kids playing with the corrugated image of his girlfriend (it’s just SO WEIRD) this past summer.  No word on where it came from. I like to think she gave it to him, because that would be awesome.


The two met in October of 2019 on the set of Deep Water.  Word is the two were at odds over having a family. Ben, 48, already has three kids with ex Jen Garner.  Ana is 32 and feels she needs to move on to someone with the same plans for the future as her.

There is talk that the two could reconcile, but if her heart wants a family, I hope she puts herself first.