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First look of Jim Carrey as Joe Biden, Maya Rudolph as Kamala

‘SNL’ teased the masses yesterday with a look at this weekends season premiere and the actors set to play Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.  Maya Rudolph as Kamala was a no brainer, but Jim Carey as Joe Biden is still something I need to adjust to.

The short teaser video gives a behind-the-scenes look at the makeup and wardrobe needed for 58-year-old Carrey to transform into Biden, 77.

“There was some interest on his part,” Lorne Michaels, who helms “SNL,” told Vulture. “And then we responded, obviously, positively. But it came down to discussions about what the take was. He and Colin Jost had a bunch of talks. He and I as well. He will give the part energy and strength .?.?. Hopefully it’s funny.”