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Neilson Releases Streaming Top Ten

So Neilson’s is finally getting in the streaming game.  The name that’s synonymous with tv ratings releases the numbers of network and cable channels each week but has never done a streaming service till now.

The stats released to the public this week were actually from way back on Aug 10th -16th and only includes US viewers.

For now, they’re only monitoring Netflix and Amazon Prime.  The latter of which didn’t even break into the top ten.

The Umbrella Academy again topped the list, which is comprised entirely of Netflix titles.  So… yea, kind of a half assed list, but whatev…

The 20 episodes of Umbrella Academy racked up 1.8 million minutes of total viewing. Project Power finished No. 4, within reach of acquired library series Shameless and The Office, with 905,000 minutes of viewing.


And…. wanna see something really terrifying?  Check out the cable tv ratings for the same week… We’re doomed.  I mean I get it.  Non boomers are streaming and they watch cable, but still…