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Kourtney Kardashian out again with new bff Addison Rae

I swear the whole relationship between Kourtney and Addison is sick.  Besides the fact that Kourt is 41 and Addison is 19, it’s so obvious that Kourt is just using her to try and stay relevant.  Which I hope Addison can see. Wait… you know who Addison is, right? The queen of Tiktok? She’s the #1 tiktoker.

So she and Kourtney were out on the LA scene last night with Harry Hudson. Who is a singer of sorts.  I don’t know what he’s doing in this group, but there he is, so we should identify him.

So the two couldn’t be more different in appearance.  Kourt in a complete matching skirt, top, jacket combo and kitten heels.  Addison in tank top, sweats and sneakers.   What do these two talk about?