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Drake OVO-Nike sneaker collaboration is now in the works

While the pandemic put a stop to a lot of things that were in the world prior to the ongoing situation, it did not manage to stop Drake from working and doing what he loves the most, producing music. He released “Darke Lane Demo Tapes” that made it to the top of the charts in Canada and the United States and now, according to different sources, he is releasing his sixth studio album this year and this news has been going around for a while now. According to DJ Akademiks’ source YouTube’s divisions, Pandora and SiriusXM are working on the final details of the contract with the Canadian rapper who might also make a music video where he performs his songs from his previous albums for thirty minutes and in an additional fifteen minutes addresses his fans about the latest album. 

The fans are still excited even though Drake himself hasn’t confirmed the information yet. And the expected date is coming up as according to the speculations it is supposed to be released before the beginning of August. But this isn’t the only thing Drake has been working on as another collaboration from Drake and Nike will be coming out very soon and it is supposed to be Drake’s sneakers and the product is said to launch in 2021. 

This won’t be the first time Drake has collaborated with Nike as Nike borrowed Drake’s owl logo for a limited edition release of Air Jordan products including shoes and sweats and Air Jordan 4s that were all red and purple and that were released to celebrate the championship of the Raptors. An insider Instagram page has released info regarding this topic and stated that Nike might release Drake’s OVO and Air Force 1 at the same time in 2021.

Drake has also designed a golden pair of Jordan 3s that he was wearing back in 2014 OVO Fest and another pair of Jordan 3s that he has on Nicki Minaj’s music video for Anaconda. And now the expectations for the brand new sneakers are higher than ever.

And with all the concerts and events canceled Drake had a lot of time to work on different things and like many other companies or even artists used this time to his advantage. With the fact that people haven’t had the opportunity to go out to have fun and have had to entertain themselves at home artists like Drake have been trying to make these times easier for them by hosting online concerts or even performing via social media. And this has definitely been like a breath of fresh air during these past few months as having been different online tourism websites, gaming or shopping websites. Canadian gambling games online have become especially popular, surpassing any other online entertainment source and becoming the number one in that industry.

But now the fans are already waiting for shows and concert dates. But there is still no sign of how the things will go down because of the uncertainty regarding the novel coronavirus. The music industry like all the other industries was drastically changed by the pandemic and it will probably never be the same again. And while some artists like Michael Buble, for example, have already announced the dates for their concerts in 2021, there is still no word from Drake on this subject as all of his performances for 2020 have been canceled. But rumor has it that Drake will be giving private performances in smaller venues at least before the world is back to normal and big concerts can become safe again.