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Trump asks to be added to Rushmore SMH

Look, I can’t separate Don from the reality tv star that he was prior to his current position of madman in charge. So he’s getting talked about just like other items of gossip.  He’s too funny sometimes to ignore. Like now.

So apparently back in 2019, White House reps called the governor of South Dakota to ask if they could add Trumps face to the current line up of presidents on Mount Rushmore. (Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln & Roosevelt)

Now, you would think that was the craziest, most arrogant thing you’ve heard out of a president, but apparently it wasn’t so crazy to Governor Kristie Noem, because last month he was there for 4th of July and she presented him with a mini version with his face added.   Fuck, Noem, don’t humor his ego, please.

Turns out the Parks dept is actually in charge of that though and they gave him a HARD no.  Like NOPE.

Trump now says he didn’t ask Noem for the honor, but she stands by it and says he was absolutely serious when he ask.  I don’t doubt it for a moment.