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Simon Cowell ‘could have been paralyzed’ from bike accident

Straight up, I hate Simon Cowell.  He stole his best friends wife and he stole his job from Howard Stern (as revealed in the Sony hack from several years ago where he told producers he’d work for less and to fire Stern) and just all around he seems like a snake.

That said, I don’t wish the man to be so mangled in an accident he’s stuck in a chair.

The 60 year old had emergency back surgery for 6 hours on Saturday after a fall from an electric bike.

A source told The Mirror: ‘Simon fell flat on his back and the doctors say the impact missed his spinal cord by about a centimeter and it could have been a lot, lot more serious.’

Simon broke his back in a number of places in the accident, with a spokesperson telling MailOnline that he is now ‘under observation and doing fine.’

However it will take him some time to recover and it is expected that Simon will remain in hospital, reportedly the Providence Saint John’s hospital in Santa Monica, for at least the next few days.

Simon has spoken out on his twitter: