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Patrick Stewart writing his memoir, I swoon

Who doesn’t love Patrick Stewart?  Who doesn’t long to be his friend or confidant?  Who will have to make due with an upcoming book in which he tells of his childhood and early career?  sigh… me.

The still-untitled memoir will detail Stewart’s his childhood in Yorkshire, England, “marked by poverty and domestic violence,” as well as his decades on the British stage before becoming a fixture to American audiences with the roles of Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: Next Generation and Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men film series.

“The idea of writing a memoir based on my life and career has been in my mind for several years, but always the demands of work have pushed it into the background,” Stewart said in a statement. “Today there are no demands, nor is there a prediction when there might be. I am caught in the middle of shooting a new series, Star Trek: Picard, and I passionately want to see it through, but in the meantime…what? Well, I have a beautiful study in our house in Los Angeles, sunny and peaceful. I am 80 in a little over two weeks’ time. I have just treated myself to a gorgeous office chair. And… I have the time. But most importantly, I am loving what I am doing, even though I never thought I would or could.”

He’s also doing the audiobook.  I seriously usually hate when stars do that b/c they just can’t drop the “reading” cadence. You need a pro.   In this case, we got one.

SOOOooooo excited.