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Rosie shocked by daughters claim she was drugged

So this is me putting my shrink cap on and assuming I can read Rosies face, but it seems clear to me she was shocked by daughter Vivians claims.

So Vivi was on her Tiktok (@Viviodonnell) along side mother Rosie, while she was partaking in the “finger down” challenge that’s so popular on the app.  The idea is you hold up ten fingers and put a finger down for each thing you can relate to as they’re read off by the challenger.

Vivi’s finger down challenged focuses on sexist things you’ve experience.

Right out the gate the question is “Put a finger down if you’ve been drugged” and Vivi does.  This gets a serious head turn by Rosie.

Next is “if you’re friends have been drugged”. Finger went down, Rosies reaction is again surprise. And “Put a finger down if you’ve been followed” got the biggest reaction.

It’s just interesting to see such a person exchange unfold publicly that way. I am sure that led to a really healthy sit down after. I know Rosie is big on communication.

Check it out:


@viviodonnellmoms reaction of what has happened ?##fyp ##awareness

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