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‘Live P.D.’ Canceled By A&E

About a week about I learned about Javier Ambler.  A black man in Austin TX who was involved in a police chase back in March 2019 that ended when Javier crashed.  Police tazed Javier and he became subdued, but then they tazed him over and over. Despite his pleas that he had a heart condition and couldn’t breathe.

He died.

Now, no one is saying Javier made good decisions that night, or that he didn’t necessarily need to be tazed to be subdued. But just as in the case of George Floyd, applying deadly pressure or electricity to a subdued man is NOT about police protecting themselves. It’s about police unable to separate animal instinct that cause them to want revenge. And cause them to continue the punishment, resulting in death.

Whats that got to do with Live PD, ok.   So it so happens that night these officers we’re being filmed by Live PD. Who got the entire thing on tape.  And for 15 months no one could get either the police or the production team at A&E to tell anyone what happened that night.

In other words, that wall of silence extended to the film crew.  You gotta go, son.  You gotta go.

So now we add another name to the list of black men recently murdered by the people paid to protect them.