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John Cusack gets pepper sprayed by Chicago police

Before saying anything I want to urge people to stay on top of what is a real story and what isn’t.  The rumors and lies surrounding the BLM protests are worse than ever.  PLEASE don’t get your news from someone on TikTok or Facebook.  If you read something that shocks you, verify it before you spread it.  Buzzfeed is keeping a decent list of false info and Snopes is always on top of that shit. DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE!!

As you MUST know, people all across America reacted out of frustration and anger this weekend and protests regarding the murder of George Lloyd escalated out of control.  Among those caught up in the chaos was our old friend John Cusack.

At first, the 53-year-old Illinois native – who concealed his identity with a COVID-19 face mask – spoke to several cops, whom he said ‘understood the rage’ of ‘furious’ protesters.

An hour later, John tweeted that he was ‘hit with pepper spray’ but defended law enforcement for ‘not escalating violence compared to other cities.’

But by 8:46pm, Cusack posted a video of cops ‘coming at me with batons’ and hitting his bicycle for ‘filming a burning car.’

The Distorted actor – who boasts 2M Instagram/Twitter followers – quoted President Trump’s slogan in a video: ‘This is making America great again. Is the dream accomplished? Is America great?’

Late into the night, John shared videos of looters breaking into Sally’s Beauty Supply and Whole Foods.

It’s been something to witness.

His IG account is pages of his observations and photos from the weekend.


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