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Tom Cruises next film to be set IN SPACE

Yea that’s right. You heard me. Want to escalate that crazy? Elon Musk is involved.

So tom Cruise, director Doug Liman (who worked with Cruise on a number of films) and Elon Musk are making the ultimate action film and they want to shoot it in actual outer space.   Elon Musk will be providing the rocket and some funds, but Cruise and a costar will be the ones floating around a sound stage 250 miles above the earth.  And likely some camera dude being paid way too little for this shit.

Elon is actually blasting a rocket into space today.  One of his Space X rockets is launching from Kennedy Space Center with two astronauts with NASA.

There’s no word on what the film is about (other than space, duh) but for all his madness, Cruise does great work.

I still feel like there’s a joke about this staring me right in the face.  Something about Tom always wanting to go to outer space and find Xenu and that Elon likely IS from space?  Something in that area?