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Jodie Turner & Joshua Jackson have their baby!

Joshua “Pacey” Jackson and he lovely with Jodie Turner-Smith have found a way to bring joy into these miserable times.  They’ve welcomed a baby into their family!

Rep for the first time parents said, “The couple has welcomed their first child. Both mother and baby are happy and healthy”.

The two have yet to tell us the sex, let alone a name, but Jodie got folks speculating last month when she referred to the baby using the “she” pronoun last month.

“Can you see her dancing in there? Every time I try to record she stops,” she said in a video of her stomach.

The pair reportedly got hitched last year and on Feb. 14, Turner-Smith posted what looked like wedding photos of the couple and a poem by Pablo Neruda on Instagram, writing, “Happy Valentine’s Day to the man who sees my soul and holds my heart. Love you baby daddy.”