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Crazy video shows Ezra Miller choking fan!

Ezra Miller, who rather progressively asks to be addressed with the pronoun “they” instead of he or him, went in a very masculine direction with his inner demons recently.

I can’t tell when the video was shot, but there’s no mistaking what you see.  Plus, a friend of the victim was there and recounted what happened.

Ezra was showing fans his ‘scars’ he got from fighting.  When the next fans turn came to get a picture with them she playfully ‘put up her dukes’ and said “I could fight you”.

At which time Ezra moved towards her saying “Oh, you wanna fight? That’s what you wanna do?”  Then they grab her by the neck and begin to pull her to the ground.  At this point you really just think it’s a joke, but quickly notice that once she’s on the ground the people watching stop filming and rush to help her.

This is really bad.  Not just because violence is the worst and violence without provocation is the double worst. But Ezra has an inked deal to play “Flash” in an upcoming film.  So backlash is certain.

Here’s the footage. See for yourself.