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LOL Tom Cruise and John Travolta in special Scientology bunkers

how fucking crazy does Tom Cruise look at all times

I love this story.  So we all know the world of Scientology has a celebrity hierarchy and John Travolta and Tom Cruise are at the top… Really, Tom is above John, but lets not split hairs in a time of crisis.

Supposedly a few weeks ago a secret memo went out to all Scientologist stating that Coronavirus was no more than hysteria and everyone should continue trucking in hauls of money to the wizard behind the curtain.

In fact in the memo he was so over the top obvious about his cover up that he sounded like Trump. “‘Factually, we have already been doing far more and taking greater preventative action than anybody else, anywhere on Earth – and by a long way.”

Now, despite that, the word is Cruise, Travolta and wife Kelly and Kirsty Alley have all been shipped to secret bunkers at the compan… sorry, church’s San Bernardino location.  Word is the place was built to withstand a nuclear attack.

This place here:


BTW, did you notice the name of the road in the upper left corner?  This place is on Rim of the Earth Highway! They turn onto that road and you in trouble girl. Run!

So you can sleep better tonight knowing the creme de la creme of this good land are safe from harm.

While causing harm, of course.

As an added bonus, here are all the celebs that are known Scientologists. (via wiki)  Hopefully they’re all bricked up away from the world as well.