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Canada pulls out of summer Olympics due to COVID19

The Olympics have been in shambles all march as fears and complications of the virus continue.

Japan is still holding to the notion they will still host the events in Tokyo this July, but even Japanese soccer international Nahomi Kawasumi said on Monday she was withdrawing from the Tokyo 2020 torch relay, citing worry about the risk of being infected with the coronavirus, or infecting others, if she traveled back from the United States.

South African Olympic swimmer, Cameron van der Burgh, is as fit as you can get, but right now he’s pretty flattened by Covid and he wrote briefly of the toll it took on him on his social media.

“I have been struggling with Covid-19 for 14 days today. By far the worst virus I have ever endured despite being a healthy individual with strong lungs (no smoking/sport), living a healthy lifestyle and being young (least at risk demographic),” he tweeted.

“Although the most severe symptoms(extreme fever) have eased, I am still struggling with serious fatigue and a residual cough that I can’t shake. Any physical activity like walking leaves me exhausted for hours.”

I suppose all this is why Canada said enough is enough for us, ah? We’re out.  They announced the news via twitter: “The Canadian Olympic Committee and Canadian Paralympic Committee will refuse to send athletes to the Tokyo Olympics if the event is not postponed.The 2020 Games are currently set to begin on July 24.”

I imagine pressure from other nations will help Japan see they need to postpone the games. Fingers Crossed.