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‘Property Brothers’ say the wives hit on them hard

I can speak on this because I’m an avid HGTV fan.  When Drew and Jonathon Scott, better known as The Property Brothers, come calling on a family in need, sometimes the wives get a little smitten.

Well let me say this.  It doesn’t seem it happens so much with Drew, at least not on camera, but with Jonathon… oh yes.

Some wives don’t seem phased by the contractor’s handsome looks.  At first.  Then they get a taste of his masterful skills and how he wields a sledgehammer (and that’s not even a pun) and they melt.

They bros we’re on Conan recently and explained:

“I was single for a long time and it didn’t even matter if they were single,” Jonathan said. “We had this one homeowner, not to be named. She would hit on me so bad with her husband right there and he was oblivious to what was going on.”

He went on to say that the client would “whisper things” to Jonathan plus did a “weird convulsing eye connecting thing” that made her intentions clear. It made the brothers quite uncomfortable. Luckily, that type of behavior isn’t the norm.

“Most of them [the homeowners] are amazing and they’re thankful,” Drew explained. “And there’s just a few that want a piece of Jonathan.”

Drew is married and Jonathon is dating actress Zooey Deschanel.