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Philipp Plein’s Kobe Bryant tribute was atrocious

Oh good gracious.  Even when trying to be good, some just can’t help but be bad.   Designer Phillip Plien was hosting his Milan fashion week last night with the end being a rather large tribute to Kobe Bryant.

The show finale featured a number of bedazzled Los Angeles Lakers-inspired jerseys adorned with the late basketball legend’s number, 24, along with Plein’s own last name; the questionable looks were modeled by stars including Jada Pinkett Smith and Olivia Culpo.


But that wasn’t the problem.

Plein’s runway was decorated with a duo of gold helicopters, a decision many on social media pointed out was exceptionally insensitive considering Bryant’s cause of death.


“Philipp Plein made two gold helicopters for his show today, which falls 27 days after Kobe died in a helicopter crash,” one person tweeted. “BUT DONT WORRY he whipped up a bunch of Swarovski Kobe jerseys (with “Plein” written on them??) so it’s cool. F—k you, Philipp.”