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Multiple Celebs left out of Oscars Memoriam Tribute!

Luke Perry died in March of 2019 and absolutely belonged to mentioned among the movie industry people who passed in the last year.   Not mentioned.   Not only was Luke in the best vampire movie ever, “Buffey the Vampire Slayer,” he was in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”!!! A movie nominated for best picture!!!

Other users noted that Disney star Cameron Boyce, who died in July at the age of 20, was also missing. He was in Disney movies. Really popular ones, like Descendants.

“Cameron boyce we miss and love you sm,” wrote a fan of his. “Sorry they didn’t even acknowledged [sic] this. love you angel.”

And comedy legend Tim Conway died in May.  That dude was in the God Damn Apple fucking Dumpling Gang! I mean the man has been making movies since the shit was still black and white.

No word on WHY these people weren’t mentioned, but I anticipate a statement because fans are pissed.