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Hannah Montana prequel getting made?

Hannah Montana was like the biggest show to come out of Disney in a loooong time. And still nothing like it has come since.  So it shouldn’t be hard to do the math on what idea’s they’re kicking around in the Disney creative offices.

According to Miley’s loose lipped daddy, Billy Ray Cyrus, Disney’s about ready to throw on the ol wig again.

In a recent interview with HollywoodLife, Billy Ray Cyrus reflected on his time starring on Hannah Montana. He also dropped an exclusive bomb: there’s a prequel in the works! In the interview, Cyrus said that “they’re talking about doing a prequel,” and that he’d “do it in a heartbeat.”

The channel is already rebooting Lizzie McGuire with Duff involved on some level.  So I have to guess Miley would be asked to participate in Hannah Montana.  Maybe she can play her mother. Wait. No, because if Billy Ray still plays her father that’ll be disgusting.

Either way, that’s too fun reboots coming soon enough.  Disney doesn’t dilly dally. Expect these in 2020.