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Craziest bets you can place on Superbowl 54

Every year the US stops what it’s doing for 4 hours to watch multi-million dollar advertising spliced with the aggressive man on man ball play and a short window of prerecorded singing.  We call it the Super Bowl and this is the 54th installment.

If you’re like me you don’t care one iota about the game, but you do love a reason to drink in groups so you leap at the chance to attend a showing.  For us the game needs to be enhanced.  And frankly, the crap advertising hasn’t fulfilled it’s promise to entertaining me in years.  So we gamble on nonsense.

There are various sportbook sites that’ll take your money and here are the most entertaining things you can bet on:

    1. How long with Demi Lovato take to sing the National Anthem? Under 2 minutes or over 2 minutes? This is an annual category.
    2. Will Demi omit a word from the anthem or remember all the words?
    3. At the JLo Shakira half time show, will Ricky Martin make an appearance? (these types of questions confuses me b/c certainly many people already know the answer to this bet. Surely those people cash in, right?
    4. Will Pitt Bull appear?  Same confusion applies.
    5. Will Betty White appear in a commercial for Snickers?
    6.  Which auto brand commercial will air first?
    7. Will any player be arrested in Miami after the game?
    8. Will a fan run onto the field during the game?
    9. Will Trump attend the game?
    10. Will the winning team show up to the White House?