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Kaia Gerber an Pete Davidson Confirm Romance in Miami Bikini Celebration

Kaia Gerber has recently turned 18 and she is already in a steamy romance with the 26 year old SNL Star – Pete Davidson. Gross.

It is clearly a romance that not only makes anyone with functioning eyes sick to look at, but also one that they are milking hard for the paparazzi.

I guess in this era of putting your whole life out on the internet, it’s important to make as much noise as possible to stand out amongst the crowd when you get the chance. Anything for more followers, more audience, more ability to sell ad deals…even if it means being vulgar..because vulgar has legs and vulgar helps stories go viral.

I don’t find that storyline all that interesting or exciting. Celebrities and their children trying to be celebrities are nuts and live on another plant. Kaia Gerber has been working as a model since she was 15 for no reason other than following the family modelling legacy.

So the idea of Kaia Gerber following / communicating with / hanging out with, sleeping with a known and popular figure in comedy thanks to SNL isn’t all that remarkable. It is just gross because he is gross.

I am more amazed that SNL is a thing in comedy. That people actually watch SNL or care about the SNL jokes. I haven’t seen the show since I was a kid and even back then I thought it was garbage. I can’t think of any spin offs from the show in recent years worth watching and dinosaur Lorne Michaels by definition is out of touch…but I guess his golden boy Pete Davidson is his connection to the youth, as he clearly connects with the youth, just look at these pics of the weird looking dude who still smells like Ariana Grande, and Kate Beckinsale, but is not dating Kaia Gerber…dude gets around. I guess it pays off being the “funny” guy…