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‘Vampire Diaries’ Star Nina Dobrev Hospitalized

It appears that Nina Dobrev was hospitalized over the weekend due to an allergic reaction.

The only reason we know is that her good friend Julianne Hough posted video and photos inside Dobrev’s hospital room.

On Sunday night, Hough took to Instagram sharing a series of videos from the hospital room, joking to her followers to guess who the famous patient was….

“Well, this is my night at the emergency room, on a Sunday night with…guess who!” Hough said. “Who would I be at the Emergency Room with on a Sunday night?! Thank God I went to visit this little sheesh!”


But Nina also took to her gram and said she was ok. “It’s pretty routine/has happened to me quite a few times because I have a lot of allergies… depending on the severity sometimes I go into anaphylactic shock as a result.”