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I’m Obsessed with Jennifer Lawrence’s wedding registry

Jennifer Lawrence and her betrothed, Cook Maroney, are letting the rest of us get a look at their gift registry and it’s full of things I need now.

Sure, it’s part list part sales gimmick.  I don’t know what they’re getting for their high profile collab, but the browsing is fun regardless of their pay out.

“Planning a wedding is so exciting, but it can be overwhelming,” Jennifer said in a press release. “For anyone else needing a little inspiration, I thought it would be fun to collaborate with Amazon to share a few of my favorite registry wish-list items. It’s so easy, and you can find everything you need all in one place.”

You can see her whole registry here, but I’ve selected a few to show you.

First off… this carafe with glass is clearly being marketed for around the kitchen. I keep the same type on my night stand and it’s a life saver while being crazy stylish.  Turned many friends on to this idea.  $40


$40 isn’t much to spend on a celebrity wedding, but ‘cork yoga mat’ isn’t the most exciting gift either.



I have one of these pasta makers. But I don’t cook, so I run clay through mine for softening. But this isn’t about me. Buy Jen one. $66.

This Cashmere Travel Set has socks, eye mask, blanket, you name it. I bet they’re so soft. It’s $350 though.  So get that or… a round trip ticket to Miami. You’re choice.



This adorable cafe table set is just the cats pajama’s in my book. I like it because it will fit in the corner of my 800 square foot studio. Or along side Jen’s olympic size pool. Whichever.  $150


And finally, what celebrity home has enough champagne glasses? You watch reality tv. They all have bottles upon bottles of over priced bubbles and why not put $1000 champagne into some glasses from Amazon.  Seems reasonable.  $80 for the set.