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Claim: Richard Pryor put out a hit on Paul Mooney

Richard Pryor is considered one of the greatest comics that ever lived.  He died in 2005 of a heart attack, but his stand up and films are still way loved by many.

Now his one time bodyguard is spilling some really crazy beans in a new tell all.

According to Rashon Kahn, he was working as Richards bodyguard when he told him he has a $1 million bounty on Paul Mooneys head. The reason? He said Paul had sex with his son, Richard Pryor jr, and he was pissed. He felt Mooney had taken advantage of his son, who at the time was in his 20’s.

Paul Mooney has said the story is not true, but but Richard’s widow, Jennifer Lee Pryor, tweeted Richard Jr. had confirmed this allegation to her.

So this rumor has some serious legs.  From Jennifers Twitter: