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Danny Trejo save baby trapped in car!


Actor Danny Trejo comes off as a total badass in films and now we see it’s not an act! He’s a legit baller and he’s saving babies!

The 75-year-old “Machete” star said a vehicle with the child and his grandmother flipped over after a collision with another car in Los Angeles’ Sylmar neighborhood.

That’s when Trejo and a woman named Monica, also a witness, sprang into action.

Monica crawled through the window to undo the baby’s car-seat belt. Then, Trejo said in the OnScene TV video below, “I pulled the baby out of the other side.”

Trejo distracted the boy until his grandmother was OK, ABC 7 in LA reported.

“The only thing that saved that little kid was that car seat ? honest to God,” the former Snickers pitchman said, per NBC News in LA.

Three people were taken to the hospital, none with major injuries, the LA Fire Department told NBC.