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Lenny Dykstra says Charlie Sheen is gay and hits women

Tuesday morning Hall of Famer Lenny Dykstra called into the Howard Stern Show in his normal adhd addled way.  He often calls to discuss sexual conquests that no one listening believes for a moment, but Lenny swears to, and he’s usually talking a mile a minute and hopping from topic to topic… just a mess really.

So Tuesday’s call no different, but this time Lenny began saying ex BFF Charlie Sheen was gay and “fooled the public forever that he uh likes women”.

Stern asked if he would repeat himself and Lenny said he was Charlies best friend and that’s how he knows that he was gay, but just afraid to come out.

Lenny kept rattling on at a muffled fast pace saying random things like “charlie was submissive, ok?,” and then makes the leap to “He hit every woman he was every with”.

Howard, at this point recognizing a situation just got libelous, interrupts to note that Charlie wasn’t present to give his side of things so we should drop it.

Charlies sexual appetite is the stuff of legend, so I feel like something as vanilla (these days) as he likes men too…. I mean Charlie would own that.  I think.  Dystra’s an ass anyway and he loves to make shit up thinking people will just believe him because he can throw a ball.  So you decide.