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A$AP Rocky fan threatens to blow up Swedish embassy

A$AP Rocky fans need to chill.  We all know you love your boy and want him home safe, but making dumb threats don’t help either of you.

That’s the lesson a female fan of Rocky the rapper just learned when she decided to drop a bag down near the entrance to the embassy, threw liquid from a glass Coca Cola bottle at the doorway and yelled out “I’m going to blow this motherf–er up.”

Identified as Rebecca Kanter, (white people nonsense, of course), she returned to the embassy the next, just as hot and bewildering and began screaming at personnel and made statements about A$AP Rocky, who is currently being held by authorities in Sweden. Soon after, she refused to leave the embassy and was taken into custody by secret service agents.

The fan appears to be protesting the A$AP Rocky’s recent arrest by Swedish authorities who charged the rapper with assault after he took part in a confrontation in Stockholm on June 30. A$AP Rocky has been in custody in the Swedish capital since July 3.

Get. A. Grip.  How bad could swedish jail be?