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Justin Theroux’s neighbor peeping in on him?

Since 2015, Justin Theroux has been doing extensive construction work on his Greenwich NY home.  And since that time, his neighbor, (Norman Resnicow, 69), has been filing complaints regarding that construction. Ad nauseam.

First asking Justin to install soundproofing so that he, living directly below Theroux, wouldn’t be constantly hearing banging. Then a dispute over dick deck sizing, ivy growing, marble flooring and anything else they could come up with.  Ending both in court multiple time and leaving Resnicow slapped with a temporary restraining order.

Now, Theroux claims, his neighbor has gone beyond hounding him and taken up peeping and flashing lights into his apartment at night.

“Every single night this week, Mr. Resnicow has been shining his flashlight onto Mr. Theroux’s property,” Theroux’s lawyer, Eric Sherman, wrote in a letter to the Manhattan judge handling the dispute.  Attaching security camera still-frames it says show Resnicow lurking around Theroux’s home.

“This habitual, almost nightly behavior has left Mr. Theroux understandably disturbed,” Sherman wrote,  adding it was “bordering on stalking.”

So we shall see.  I will defend the neighbor on one aspect.  Four years is simply too long to do construction when you have neighbors directly attached to you.