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Ronan Farrow calls out media during award acceptance

You know Ronan Farrow.  He’s the journalist that blew Hollywood wide open with his expose on Harvey Weinstein and other showbiz industry leaders who assaulted actors and actresses for decades.  Essentially starting the #MeToo movement.

Now Ronan is calling out his own industry. The media.

While accepting a Mirror Award for media reporting from Syracuse University on Thursday, Ronan noted the good and the bad of media.  He saluted fellow journalists and industry leaders at the Manhattan luncheon for bravery in producing stories that keep the media honest and transparent — even at the cost of burning bridges and losing job opportunities.

At the same time, he said “I can see people who have lied to protect power.”

He refused to name names, but if I were one of the people he alluded to I’d be pretty nervous right now.