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Cuba Gooding jr may not turn himself into NYPD

On Sunday night, Cuba Gooding jr was at Magic Hour night club in Manhattan with some friends.  When he left, a woman came forward claiming the actor had grabbed her breast while in the club.   Police issued a warrant for Cuba and word was he was going to bring himself in on Thursday.

Cuba adamantly denies he did anything of the sort and believes video proof likely exists in club surveillance cameras.

Now TMZ is reporting they spoke to Cuba’s lawyer, Mark Heller, who said he has viewed the tapes and his client is clearly exonerated by them.  He said he has put in a call to NYPD to verify if they’ve seen to video and if so, where’s their reason for bringing Cuba in.

He said he hasn’t heard back from NYPD yet (as of Wednesday night) and he’s unsure at this point if Cuba’s even going to go in.  So this should be interesting.