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Ryan Phillippe tells what happened night of domestic violence claim

Back in the fall of 2017, police came to Ryan Phillippe’s Los Angeles home because his then girlfriend, Elsie Hewitt, was reporting some pretty severe violence claims.

According to Hewitt, in the midst of a loud fight Ryan threw her down the steps.  Specifically, she claimed that he “violently threw her down his staircase as hard he could” and then “picked [her] up like a doll and tossed her down the stairs,” according to court documents obtained by The Blast.

But Phillippe says that’s not at all what happened.

“You know, this was an impasse. Nothing was changing. And she was refusing to leave until she got into the bedroom,” the actor stated in his deposition. “And at one point, I thought that I was going to try to remove her from the premises and set her outside and close the door. Because I didn’t know what else to do.”

He continued, “And at that point, it hadn’t occurred to me to call the cops. I’m a famous person. I didn’t want to bring that kind of attention to me and my house. And so I attempted to pick her up like a baby. Carrying. Like a child. With one arm under the back and one arm under the legs. And she was flailing. And I made it one step, and I fell back on my bottom, holding her. And that was it.”

Hewitt, 23, sued Phillippe for $1 million in September 2017 after the alleged incident in his home on July 3 of that year. He has denied her claims, saying that she is trying to extort him.