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Celebs and mega rich party at the Statue of Liberty

Last night the 14 acre Liberty Island turned into a hot spot like no other.  Billionaires and celebrities gathered in droves to celebrate the opening of the Statue of Liberty Museum.

At one table, Hillary Clinton was spotted chatting with Oprah Winfrey. Before long, billionaire IAC chairman Barry Diller, in attendance with wife and designer Diane von Furstenberg, joined Clinton and Winfrey at the table.   Gayle King, David Letterman, Michael Bloomberg and even Andy Cohen.  Who I love, but… wow. that’s a stand out.

The 26,000-square-foot museum on Liberty Island, scheduled to open to the public on Thursday, is the new home for the statue’s original torch and other artifacts which had previously been in a smaller museum space inside the statue’s pedestal, which is accessible only to the fraction of the more than 4 million annual visitors who manage to get limited-availability statue entry tickets.

HBO has also set a fall release date for a documentary but Diane von Furstenberg that explores the Statue of Liberty from her perspective as an immigrant called Liberty: Mother of Exiles.

“Making this documentary on the history of the Statue of Liberty, and discovering the layers of passion that made it happen, has been an emotional journey,” she said in a press release. “She truly is the symbol of freedom and her torch is a magic wand!”

Some photos from the event:

Michael Bloomberg (left), Diane von Furstenberg and Jeff Bezos take a boat to Liberty Island for the celebration


Oprah and Hillary chat



Jeff Bezos greets David Letterman


Andy Cohen peeks over Gayles shoulder at Bezos


Tony Bennett performs



Gayle with Huma Abedin


Nicky Hilton Rothschild and James Rothschild


Seth Meyers