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Britney Spears Joins the “Free Britney” movement

Keeping up with the mishagos that is Britney’s life is a full time job. Also just happens to be my job.

Ever since last month when Britney was checked into an LA rehab, fans have been raising hell and even protesting that Britney was being held against her will.  For a while, Britney would seem to deny those allegations.  She was seen leaving the rehab a few times with bf Sam and seemed in good spirits.

Then came Friday when she was seen leaving a court house with bare feet and looking upset.

Now TMZ is saying they have the deets on what happened inside the court house.

Britney AND her mother Lynne were railing against the conservatorship that father Jamie has on Brit. Saying he had no authority to force her into rehab or to make her take medications she doesn’t want to take.

The judge refused to make any changes to the existing arrangement, but has said he will review all the papers and make a decision later.

I just hope Britneys mother, while maybe looking to give her daughter more freedom, remembers how important those medications are to someone with her severe mental issues.