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Examsnap All You Need to Know About CompTIA Security+ Certification and SY0-501 Exam

When you are looking for a better job in the IT field, then it is not just your academic qualification that can help you in getting a decent position. If you have some professional IT certifications, then your resume can really help you to get a great welcome from bigger companies. IT certification allows you to become a subject matter expert able to show solid skills in a specific domain.

Now, if your target is getting into the IT security field, then CompTIA Security+ certification is the right option to consider. This is one of the widely accepted certifications, and you will be able to get a job with ease, even in the government agencies. With CompTIA credential, you will get the appropriate training about the concepts and tools that should be used to fix the security-related issues.

To get Security+ certification, you need to schedule and pass SY0-501 exam. Once you get certified, you will be able to deduct the problems and come up with a proper way to resolve them. A CompTIA Security+ certified professional is an ideal candidate for cybersecurity companies. So, this credential is definitely going to make a lot of difference to your CV if you are ready to try your luck.

Technical areas covered in CompTIA Security+ certification

Mostly, the concepts related to network security and Internet are covered as part of the CompTIA Security+ certification. The other concepts covered are:

Access control

Most of you must be aware that the data from any system can be easily accessed by the hackers in order to use confidential and important information of the organization. So, access control plays a vital role to protect the company’s data and important files in a system. It is the access control system that allows or denies the system, file,and computer access to outsiders. Differentidentity and access serviceswill be covered as part of the certification in order to prepare the professional for various access issues.


Encryption is one of the ways to protect data and computer networks. Cryptography covers the principles of encryption that are used to secure computers. This part of the exam tests the candidate’s ability to write codes to encrypt any data and decipher coded information. As a Security+ certified professional, you will learn the protocols which are related to encryption and the mistakes that can be made.

Risk management

Many organizations have the best security networks for their computers or systems. Hence, they can stay assured that their data is totally protected. But they also must ensure that the system that functions well todaywillnot have any type of crisis tomorrow.

The risk management area coversall such scenarios, which means that in case of any crisis, the certified specialist will be able to handle the situation and resolve all related issues. It means that you are prepared for a scenario that may or may not come, but it is always good to be ready to settle the situation without damaging the network security or data.

Disaster management

Being a part of the security team or being a security professional means that you need to have a plan when there is an issue detected. A dangerous situation may occur suddenly, and as an IT security professional, you should be able to handle it. You will be trained about how to act at the time of any disaster events. Vulnerability assessment, protection from viruses, host configurations, and other related concepts play an important role in disaster management.You will learn more about disaster management while studying the materialsfor CompTIA Security+ certification.

Advantages of being CompTIA Security+ certified

There are a number of advantages of being CompTIA Security+ certified. Here is the list for you:
WithCompTIA Security+ certification, you are able to prove that you are trained to resolve cybersecurity, network security, and other security problems. You can show that you possess the best knowledge of the IT security techniques, which you will be able to apply ifa security crisis happens.

There is no necessary experience that is required when you are applying for CompTIA Security+ certification. However, you are recommended to have at least two years of experience in the field of IT security.
Many government agencies, the Department of Defense in particular,look for CompTIA Security+ certified professionals, as it is one of the most widely accepted certifications and the knowledge acquired with this credential is very valuable.

If you are taking a training program for CompTIA Security+ certification, then you will be able to feel that your experience at the workplace and the training that you are undergoing are very similar. Security+allows you to learn all kind of how-to’s and gives you proper knowledge about how you can handle the situation at the workplace.

There are a number of jobs and promotions already waiting for you as there is a huge demand for Security+ certified professionals. So, if you are looking for a better job or promotion in the IT security field, then this credential is a good option. Many companies even train their employees to make sure that they provide the best security to the computer networks and data of the organization.


CompTIA Security+ certification is something that you need to add to your resume if you want to build your career in the field of IT security services. You will see the difference in job opportunities once you get the certification done: the basic salary of a Security+ certified professional is $71,000 avg. per annum. So, just go for it!