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Amy Poehler talks Parks and Rec return at Paleyfest


Last night in Los Angeles a Parks and Rec reunion took place as part of a panel at the Paleyfest 2019.  The crowd was so loud with opening applause they actually moved Amy Poehler to tears.   “I’m totally overwhelmed,” said the actress.

The panel consisted of creators Mike Schur and Greg Daniels as well as Amy Poehler, Nick Offerman, Adam Scott, Rashida Jones, Aziz Ansari, Aubrey Plaza, Chris Pratt, Jim O’Heir, and Rob Lowe.

So when do THEY think the show will come back?

“Everyone on this stage — and like 6 other people — would have to feel like there was a story that needed to be told,” Schur said. Which is a side step. Booo. Answer us!

“The show had an argument to make,” Schur said. “The argument was about teamwork and friendship and positivity being optimistic and not getting cynical and believing that people can do good and believing in the power of public service and believing that if you work hard and you put your head down and believe in the people around you who are part of your team, that good things are possible. That you’ll achieve the things you want to achieve, and I don’t feel like we left anything on the table. I feel like the show sort of made its argument. And we also — maybe this was like a preventative measure or something — we did jumped ahead to the year, like, 2074.”

So we have no firm answer, but the gang seemed happy to assemble on a stage together again!