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Kate Beckinsale Hospitalized For Ruptured Ovarian Cyst

Actress Kate Beckinsale said on Instagram Sunday that she was being treated for a ruptured ovarian cyst, and drugs to quell the intense pain had a downside as well.

In a post accompanied by photos of the “Underworld” star lying in a hospital bed with an oxygen tube in her nose, Beckinsale wrote: “Turns out a ruptured ovarian cyst really hurts and morphine makes me cry.” 

Ruptured ovarian cysts can cause “serious symptoms,” according to the Mayo Clinic website. Severe abdominal and pelvic pain, and pain with fever and vomiting require “immediate medical attention.”

Beckinsale’s moment of distress wasn’t helped by a troll who commented on the pictures, “But first let me take a selfie,” according to People.

“It’s actually not a selfie,” Beckinsale snapped back. “My mum took it. In fact I would not have posted it if we had not noticed someone in a car taking a photo of me leaving the hospital in a wheelchair.”

“I have Instagram largely to have my own honest narrative and not have to always be ambushed by stories that come out that are invented, I’d prefer to say what happened than endure speculation and so I chose to share,” she continued.

“I agree, it’s not a normal impulse. But it’s not normal to be photographed in vulnerable situations by people you don’t know either. (If you were interested in knowing the provenance of this, which, you probably are not.).”

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