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The Worlds largest statue is now open for viewing

India is now home to the worlds tallest statue named ‘Statue of Unity’ and just inaugurated by India’s prime minister narendra modi.

Unity stands at 597 feet (182 meters), (about twice the size of the Statue of Liberty), took four years to build and cost roughly $400 million. (30b rupee)   That’s a lot of money for one of the most impoverish countries in the world to spend on a tourist trap.  And many have expressed their anger.

The chiefs of more than 20 local villages produced a letter asking Modi to stay away from the inauguration, but he was front and center at the lighting.   The 600-foot, bronze-laden recreation of independence legend Sardar Patel a “huge” symbol of Indian prowess, Modi declared the Statue of Unity his “answer to all those who question the existence of India.”

For some scale, here’s a worker cleaning the toe of the giant statue