Today's Evil Beet Gossip

Gaze at the adorableness that is Bunny Island

Okunoshima Island is part of Japan and it is overrun with bunnies.  The 2 mile wide island was where Japan set up it’s chemical warfare plant and research labs in the 20’s. The factory was bombed out and totally dismantled in the war, but test bunnies fled and took cover and many many generations later, they rule the island. It is known colloquially as Rabbit Island.

Anyone visiting should be forewarned that bunny trampling is a threat, though one I’d gladly take.


But wait, there’s more! Just a hop and a skip from Rabbit Island is Cat Island.  Better know on maps as Tashirojima.

Just 1 mile around, it has a population of 100 people and more than 1000 cats. This is due to residents feeding them b/c Japanese lore that says cats bring wealth and good fortune.

According to, visitors can easy visit both islands in an afternoon.