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The Trump G7 Meme’s are fantastic

As you may or may not know, Trump was in Canada this weekend for the G7 summit.  A meeting of the worlds most powerful leaders to discuss all global concerns from conservation to import/export agreements.  And in his typical Trumpy fashion, Donald made a line in the sand that the rest of the world was confounded by.

But if you’re looking for a silver lining in this weeks presidential shit storm is …. MEMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First, for some reference. This top image is at this weeks G7 Summit.  The second image is from 2012’s summit.


This one is simply titled ‘The Last Covfefe“.


This was actually posted on a Pro Trump reddit page, which …. do they not know Homer doesn’t look that way and is, in that picture, delusional? Because it’s actually really apt, but not in a way I think they would support.


This is my favorite.


Now wait… this is.