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That 30-year-old man finally moves out of his parents’ house

Michael Rotondo, the 30-year-old man who defied his parents’ various eviction notices, is finally moving out of the New York home.

Rotondo said he is in the process of hauling the rest of his belongings out of his parents’ Camillus, N.Y., house and into a storage unit. He’s getting the help of a cousin, who has a truck.

He slept at the home Thursday evening, but must be out by noon Friday (today). He will then stay in an Airbnb until he finds permanent housing.

The move caps a brief rush of celebrity for Rotondo, whose parents pleaded with him to move out and get a job and even offered him money to leave. It ended in court, where on May 22 a judge ruled Rotondo had to move out and would not be given a six-month extension.

Rotondo was paid $3000 to be on Alex Jones’ crazy conspiracy show “InfoWars” and that’s where he’s getting his AirBnB funds.

“I’m glad to be out of this place,” Rotondo said Thursday.  “I think it’s really unfair that I’m not going to get enough time to really prepare a good move,” he said.   As for his parents, Rotondo claims he’ll never talk to them again.