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Inside the Royal Wedding gift bag

Naturally several of the guests at Harry and Meghans wedding came immediately from the service and headed to their flats and laptops to hock their mementos on ebay.  That’s not the shocking part. What is shocking is the ragtag group of items they threw together to help guest commemorate this special day.

That’s a giant chocolate coin, Royal wedding fridge magnet, a … and this isn’t a joke… a 20% off coupon to the Windsor gift shop, Windsor water bottle, which ok fine, I’m dying to have, and something called “handbag shortbread”. Which I found out is a tube of shortbread cookies one keeps in their purse for tea time emergencies.  And, of course, that burlap sack it all came in.

Incidentally, should you want one, they’re going for about $70k.