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Joel McHales spills on what buzzkills the Kardashian are at E!

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Netflix has basically allowed Joel McHale to resurrect “The Soup” and I for one am thrilled. Although I did check out this weekends episode (episodes are dropping Saturdays on Netflix) and there are definetley edges to smooth out and grooves to get back.

But in a new Variety article McHale dishes about way the Kardashian’s began to tie his hands at E!.  And what was the final reason he was let go.

So were you expected to cover certain topics and not cover others, while hosting “The Soup?”

When Ted Harbert got in there, he basically said the sky is the limit and do what you want to do. Way back when, Kris Kardashian would complain about our jokes, and Ted would literally go, “Hey man, Kris called, can you just lay off of her for a week?” It was like our softball went into our yard and they were like, “Just don’t throw it over the fence.” So that was cool and that’s as far as it went with him, but when he left, things changed and they definitely had a different feeling. The next administration, the president said to my face, “Don’t make fun of the Kardashians. We don’t want you to make fun of the Kardashians anymore.” So I was like, oh this show is doomed because that’s why the show worked, because we would make fun of ourselves. It’s like when Letterman made fun of GE in the ‘80s. You have to bite the hand that feeds you. The network really did not like when the Kardashians first came out and then we just said Kim Kardashian was only famous for having a big a– and a sex tape.

Have you missed hosting “The Soup” over the past two years?

We went off the air because when the WGA made us union, along with “Chelsea Lately” and with Joan [Rivers, “Fashion Police”], E! does not make money that way. They get their money off of repeating shows. So that’s why we went away. But yes, I did miss it. I am a whore when it comes to performing. I like doing it, and I like being in front of people.

The full interview is in Variety

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  • His name is McHale. Not McHales. Piss poor reporting. Can’t even spell the subject’s name right and obviously no one copy edited this piece.