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Trump asks the Guggenheim for Van Gogh, but gets a toilet

If you weren’t familiar, Trump, the president, has set out to defund the arts program around the US.  But that doesn’t stop the jackass from assuming the art world would provide him with one of its most priceless pieces, right? Ass.

The First Couple had asked the Guggenheim to borrow Van Gogh’s 1888 “Landscape with Snow” painting for their private White House quarters, but a curator responded that the museum no longer had the work.

However, the Upper East Side museum could offer the presidential couple another piece: a fully functional toilet made out of solid 18-karat gold entitled “America.”

The shimmering art piece, created by Italian-born artist Maurizio Cattelan, is estimated to have cost more than $1 million to make.

Curator Nancy Spector wrote back that the Van Gogh was a no-go, but pointed out that Cattelan’s interactive “America” was available after concluding a year-long exhibit in a public bathroom on the museum’s fifth floor. The toilet had been used by visitors but was available “should the President and First Lady have any interest,” Spector wrote.

Side note: Have you ever seen Trumps NYC penthouse? It’s quite possible he’s shit in a gold toilet already.