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Brad Pitt Bid Over $100,000 To Watch Game Of Thrones With Emilia Clarke

A charity auction to benefit disaster relief organizations had the ultimate item for Game of Throne fans and Brad Pitt made sure to grab it.

At the event hosted by Sean Penn and other Hollywood heavies, the actor and producer bid $80,000, then $90,000, before topping out at a cool $120,000. Eventually though he was “outbid by a gala-goer who ended the auction at $160,000,” according to Variety.  At that point the prize was to watch an episode from the final season with both Clarke and her co-star Kit Harington.

Also in attendance at the gala was Leonardo DiCaprio, who made a speech encouraging everyone to pay attention to climate science despite the fact that Donald Trump has called for more offshore drilling and denied the effects of global warming. He, too, was willing to drop serious cash that night, and “bid $80,000 on a painting by artist Josh Smith, but was outbid by Clarke herself for $90,000 — but, there was a second Smith painting available, so in the end, both DiCaprio and Clarke ended up walking away with artwork,” per Variety.

Photo cred: TMZ