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Dr. Phil’s show accused of giving alcohol and drugs to guests

Todd Herzog, one time winner of “Survivor”, was so intoxicated when he came on the Dr Phil show, that he had to be escorted on stage by crew. (seen in image above) But Herzog says he was stone cold sober when he arrived to the LA studios.  So what happened?

In his dressing room, he said, he found a bottle of Smirnoff vodka. He drank all of it. Then someone handed him a Xanax, he said, telling him it would “calm his nerves.”

America’s best-known television doctor presents himself as a crusader for recovery who rescues people from their addictions — and even death. But in its pursuit of ratings, the “Dr. Phil” show has put at risk the health of some of those guests it purports to help, according to people who have been on the show and addiction experts. Guests have been left without medical help as they face withdrawal from drugs, a Boston Globe investigation has found, and one person said she was directed by a show staff member to an open-air drug market to find heroin for her detoxing niece.

The article in the Boston Globe also exposes a number of shady doings where the show profits from drug centers that work with them and buy Dr Phils recovery plan.  More details are still coming.


Photo cred: Youtube via Boston Globe