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Cash Me Outside girl pays off moms mortgage

Cash Me Outside girl Danielle Bregoli has given her mother a very generous Christmas present.

The 14-year-old star presented her mom Barbara Ann Bregoli with a check for $65,000 check to pay off her mortgage, according to TMZ.

The singer’s generosity was displayed in a video where her mom can be seen on the verge of tears when she reads the card.  

Danielle Bregoli, whose rapper name is Bhad Bhabie, said to her mom, ‘Merry Christmas, bich.’


She then added: ‘Here you go.’

Her mother – who has dyed her platinum locks brunette – was in shock and said, ‘Are you serious?’ She seemed to break down in tears as she sat on a sofa.

The two are on better terms now after their 2016 appearance on Dr Phil.

The mother brought her daughter on the show to talk about her ‘rebellious behavior.’

During her interview the teen said: ‘Cash me ousside, how bout dat? How bow dah’

It went viral and made the singer a star.


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  • You mean “and it made the child a singer”. lol. “Singer”. She can’t carry a tune. She talks through her songs. I can’t wait til she is last year’s news. It’ll happen. Only a matter of when, not if. So many talented children are forgotten about as they age, she has ZERO fuckin talent so her fall from fame is inevitable. Not even fame. She is just recognizable as a trashy little kid who needs the scared straight program. If she had a brain in that egotistical inflated head of hers she’d save her money and quit buying dumb shit and go school. If she even makes it and doesn’t end up an alcoholic single mother of a black kid.

    Btw, if she happens to read this, I’ve been posting on this website for years under the alias “SickoBaby”, which can be easily proven. Her massive ego will probably convince herself that people steal her dumb ass “bhad bhabie”.. Which looks like Barbie. Baby isn’t spelled “babie”.. Dumb ass.