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Gift Guide: Can’t Fail Gifts under $25!

With the holidays here we all have reason to buy gifts for people that don’t necessarily warrant the bigger budgets we reserve for loved ones.  Colleges, neighbors, that cousin you don’t really like.  Or maybe you just don’t have the money to be out spending the big bucks. Lord knows I don’t have it.

So here are some gifts that stay cheap while packing a “WOW” punch!


This is one of my favorite things year round.  For just $25, Sephora gives you 7 samples of their best selling perfumes.  Real good shit, too. Gucci, Marc Jacobs…  you try the perfumes over the next month and when you decide which one you like best you just take in a voucher (included) and get a full size rollerball of it!


These wont be all girl-centric, I swear.. but Ulta’s “Nail Pail” for $14 is just the cutest. Perfect office gift. 5 mini nail polishes, 3 nail glitters, nail tattoos and a file and it all comes in this adorable clear bucket for storing. I love this.


This should blow your mind, as it did mine.  For $14… FOURTEEN… you can get these barely there earbuds that connect via bluetooth to any smart phone. Here’s the real kicker… it’s got an insanely high rating on Amazon. Which is a legit indication it’s good.   They’re called HOTGO.  Get a few.


For something a little more responsible, you can get this all in one car tool that may even save you’re life. This is no glorified flashlight, (although it is that as well), this tool includes a seat belt cutter and a windshield cracker. God help you if you ever need them, but if you need them, you REALLLY need them. So give someone the gift of escape with the Brookstone Auto Emergency tool. Just $20


From the responsible to the totally unnecessary… for $16 you get ten dried mid western grown corn cobs and ten cooking bags and I just can’t believe this is a thing and I’m only learning about it now! What a fun way to have popcorn.  Popcorn on the cob is just a fun gift that no one else will be giving out.


This gift may just start an addiction of sorts. If you know someone who loves both coffee and wine, and I’m pretty sure we all know several, these Merlot infused coffee beans are about as spot on a gift you can get them. I’m getting some for myself.  For serious. $20/12 ounces.


Let me explain giving 3 taco ornaments to someone as a gift.  People fucking love tacos. Not just to eat. They love talking about them. They wear them on their clothes and put stickers on their cars. And no doubt they will happily incorporate them into their holiday traditions.  And you get three for $25.


This plant in a bag is just such a great idea. Just tear it open and add some water every now and then and voile! Basil! Or maybe you’d rather give them a sunflower.  Either way, the ease and payoff makes this a fantastic gift at just $15!


And finally, if you’re willing to bump the budget up to $26, you can make a big impression with a Michael Kors keychain. It’s all blingy and screaming KORS and all. The label lover in your life will love it.  At Macy’s.



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